Keeping Income Steady

Keeping a steady income through your blog can sometimes be a challenge. Income can ebb and flow in all areas, so spreading your income streams into different avenues can help keep things steady.

Even small amounts of money from multiple sources can add up to a comfortable amount over time. This post is brought to you by tow truck Atlanta Ga!

If you enjoy your blog and connecting with others, then your revenue stream will happen in an organic way. As your readership expands, think of ways to monetize that. If you write about quilting, can you sell your quilts or items related to quilting? Sell patterns? If you write about working with animals, can you sell supplies? Toys you make? Affiliate links for food and treats your animals enjoy? There are a lot of opportunities there.

Money doesn’t come from blogging directly, your blog is your way of launching products, offering training, or selling books. You can offer yourself as a speaker and advertise your speaking schedule through your social media platforms. You can offer classes, or video advice to others.

You can write an e-book and sell it through Amazon and your website. This will bring in a constant source of revenue and create a new audience as others share your book.

Maybe you write an email newsletter or create a video or podcast, you can have advertising with those platforms just as you would on your blog. Reach out to potential advertisers and offer them ideas on how advertising with you would benefit them. When your followers make purchases or click through the ads, you make a little more money.

There are endless possibilities with your blog, that’s the fun part. Your blog’s income stream won’t look like any others, you can make it fit your needs and what you like to do. Do whatever works for you, and you will succeed!